This site is dedicated to the memory of Lyn, my Mum.

My Mum was my best friend, I hope I have inherited from her some of her kindness and selflessness. I feel cheated that my Mum only lived to 67 - no age. When someone so kind and caring, deferential of her own interests to the benefit of those around her, leaves so suddenly, it has resulted in massive trauma for us all.

I remember one holiday, I spent ages trying to rescue all the slugs making their way across the busy access way to the caravan park. All this done on a drissly night - I was taking after my Mum. Today I try to help a stranded worm or assist an at risk snail. Every time I do that now, I'll think of my Mum.

Mum was definitely a ‘make do and mend’ ‘waste not, want not’ type of lady. She was constantly darning socks or making curtains, or using old curtains she’d made to cover a sofa etc, etc… My Mum even made her own wedding cake, made matching outfits for Kelly and I for my christening and the cake for that occasion too.

Mum thinking back was an enigma, a very private person. She poured all her time after her retirement into gardening and looking after all the pets. Mum attached no importance it seemed to the past, always thinking about the many tasks ahead that day. Looking around at the garden, the enormous allotment, the flourishing plants in the conservatory - you can't help but be impressed by how much work my Mum had put in. She was a workaholic, always buzzing around. Only sitting still to watch her soaps (every one it seemed), or perhaps a programme about animals.

Over the past couple of years Mum began to get into Facebook and I enjoyed seeing her messages pop up, or her comments on my photos. I enjoy adventure and seeing new places, but that was nothing to receiving a ‘like’ on Facebook from my Mum. It was great knowing that my Mum was enjoying seeing what I'd been up to. I wanted to and still want to make Mum proud of me. I'll miss you every moment Mum, I hope to see you again some day. Rest in peace Mum.

Some words that sum Mum up:

One More Day

I wish for nothing more
Than just one more day,
For I would give it all,
Just to hear her say.

It's funny how
In life it seems
You take for granted
The most important things.

To feel her close,
And be safe again,
Safe from my own self,
Back with my best friend.

Yes, she was the best,
And at other times the only,
My friend, you left me here,
And now my heart is lonely.

If you could just come back,
If only for one day,
I'd make sure that I'd listen
To all you had to say.

And now that it's too late,
You cannot speak anymore.
I finally realised,
I should have heard you before.

And if I could do it over,
I'd only change one thing,
I'd tell you that I love you,
And how much joy to me you bring.

No one will ever know
Quite how I feel inside,
And on that day you left,
You weren't the only one who died.

You have always been there, Lyn,
And you loved us 'til the end,
So with all our heart and soul,
We love you too, our friend


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